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What’s in it for you : Claris FileMaker Forums

Where can you find Claris FileMaker Forums  ? Get help with technical questions or report product issues on the free technical support forums. You can choose to dive into the Claris FileMaker Pro / Server / Go / Connect / Studio/Business  Forum maintained by Claris Inc. also called Claris Community … here https://community.claris.com/en/s/ Some FileMaker […]

What’s in it for you : Claris FileMaker community

Is there a Claris FileMaker Users’ Community somewhere ? You can explore a place where you’ll find a lot of Claris FileMaker users just like you. This Claris Inc. free resource site is called the Claris Community and is since July 2015 only in english. Claris Community key features include: Technical Documentation Webinars Sales Tools Developer […]

What’s in it for you : Claris FileMaker offline trainings

Where can you find offline training resources ? Some developers or training companies are offering offline courses. It’s impossible to cover them all but you’ll find those great people : iSolutions, Soliant consulting, The support group, Direct Impact Solutions (English and French), FileMaker Master classes by Ray Cologon (not sure if they are still active), […]


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