Where can you find Claris FileMaker Forums  ?

Get help with technical questions or report product issues on the free technical support forums.

You can choose to dive into the Claris FileMaker Pro / Server / Go / Connect / Studio/Business  Forum maintained by Claris Inc. also called Claris Community … here https://community.claris.com/en/s/

Claris Community Banner

Some FileMaker aficionados have also developed some very active and interesting community based forums :

– FMForums.com

FileMaker Today

fmsoup (English)

fm Source (French – closed)

fmqc (french resources in Canada)

Le Point d’Arrêt (French)

Clarify (dutch)

Udias (Spanish Forum) and FileMaker en España (LinkedIn group)

FileMaker Guru (Italian Forum)

Do not hesitate to send me other links to the places you find important !