Filemaker trainings


Discover resources to help you create databases with FileMaker.

FileMaker trainings – live with Interactive Data

If you want a personal training or need it for your group, up to 12 people, contact me to organize.

We provide :

  • FileMaker foundations courses : 2 days,
  • FileMaker intermediate : 2 days,
  • FileMaker coaching : time depending of your specific project.

Learning FileMaker – scooped for you by Interactive Data

  • Give life to your data with an easy to use database … we share cool FileMaker stuff for you, avoiding the programming part of it as much as we can here : Learning FileMaker
  • stay tune with the FileMaker news, we keep adding everyday some interesting posts.

Filemaker trainings – online : Explore a wide range of courses on how to create a database, make tables, or perform database management.

  • FileMaker Pro tutorials explain fundamental skills, including how to find and sort data, create reports, and diagram relationships. Advanced tutorials show how to secure your database. share it across the web, and more.
  • Look at What can you learn in 14 days ? | library – Trial Subscription
  1. FileMaker Pro 14 Essential Training
  2. FileMaker Pro 13 Essential Training
  3. FileMaker Pro 12 Essential Training
  4. FileMaker Pro 12 In Depth
  5. Relational Database Design with FileMaker Pro
  6. Up and Running with FileMaker Go

Infinite Skills :

  1. Learning FileMaker Pro 13 Training Video
  2. Learning FileMaker Pro 12 Training Video

VTC : Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced bundle or individual courses

  1. Tutorom FileMaker Pro – french
  2. FileMaker Go
  3. FileMaker Pro 12: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Bundle Course

Learning FileMaker : Video training course for FileMaker

  1. Video Training Course for FileMaker Pro 14 and FM Starting Point
  2. FileMaker Course for Startups and Entrepreneurs
  3. Video Training Course for FileMaker iOS App SDK (FIAS)
  4. Video Training Course for FileMaker 13 for Mobile Devices

Filemaker links

– Forum FileMaker (french) : free technical support forums and groups.

– Forum FileMaker (english) : free technical support forums and groups.

– FileMaker Technet : join a free community to get technical resources and exchange ideas with other FileMaker developers

– FileMaker Training Series (FTS) : the official self-paced training curriculum consists of 13 self-paced training modules and covers a comprehensive set of topics to help you master the essentials of FileMaker solution development (french or english).

– FileMaker webinars : Learn about a variety of beginner to advanced FileMaker topics in 1-hour, with on-line seminars. (french or english)

– FileMaker videos : a few short videos to introduce you to Filemaker (french or english)

– FileMaker Starter solutions : get started quickly with pre-designed templates. FileMaker Pro comes with 16 built-in Starter Solutions that are professionally-designed templates customized for managing tasks on iPad, iPhone, desktop and the web (french or english).

– FileMaker user interfaces : some examples of how a FileMaker interface can look when properly designed : Filemakerui.

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